Farooq took over formally as Executive Director on September 1, 2012. He joined Stakeholder Forum as Head of Policy and Advocacy in September 2011. Before this, Farooq was at the UK Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) for nearly five years. Farooq worked on strategic assessment at the SDC; analysing public policy, sustainable operations and procurement, strategy, governance and decision-making in order to hold the UK Government to account and improve its sustainability performance. Key elements of this work included policy advice, stakeholder engagement and capability building. In all, Farooq has nine years of public sector experience at international, national and local government levels, with a further three years of private sector consultancy experience. 


Currently, Farooq is a Specialist Advisor to the UK Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee and a member of the Alliance for Future Generations. Additionally he is a founding member of Brighter Future; a climate-change action group in London.

 Farooq holds a BComm in Management Science from the University of Alberta and an MSc in Public Policy from the London School of Economics.