So what is New World Frontiers?

It’s a publishing house that wants to publish kindle books and papers that are at the cutting edge of thinking on sustainable development

How are decisions made for publishing?

We have a set of core people who will take responsibility for looking at proposed books or papers and they will make a recommendation on what should be published and what we do not think fits into our profile.

What is your profile?

We want to publish books that focus on sustainable development and particularly at the intergovernmental level or the impacts of global decisions at the national and local level.

How do I submit?

Do go to the for authors section and follow the instructions.

Does New World Frontier have an office?

We don’t have an physical office we work as a virtual community though many of us work at some of the same global meetings so some of us do meet regularly and that enables us to have face to face conversations too.

So do you publish books and papers from other worlds?

New World Frontiers is happy to consider authors from other worlds should their submissions fit into the profile of the publishing house.