John Charles is a professional comic book artist, graphic designer, writer and colourist, and has produced cover art and strips for many publishers. Born John Charles Mould, he mainly signs his artwork John Charles, and changed his name to this several years ago. John trained as a graphic designer and later taught the subject for three years at Leicester College. His first love was always comic book art though and John went freelance in 2003 and has been working as a comic-book colourist and artist ever since.

John is the front cover designer for New World Frontiers 

 Career highlights include:

  •  Five covers and art on three 'Future Shock' strips for the U.K.'s '2000AD' comic.
  •  Pencilling for Marvel U.K. on 'Knights of Pendragon' and 'Wild Thing', (as John Mould).
  •  Cover art for Antarctic Press in the U.S. on 'Warrior Nun Brigantia' and 'Tomorrow Man.'
  •  Colouring and pencilling numerous strips for Panini U.K's 'Marvel Heroes and 'Spectacular Spider-Man' comics. As a colourist working with a variety of artists including: Gary Erskine, Kev Hopgood, Jon Haward, John Royle, John McCrea, Mike Collins and more.
  •  John made his writing debut on a three-issue story for Panini's Spider-Man comic, which guest-starred The X-Men. This was co-written with writing partner, Barry May.
  • John and Barry have also written two self-published books together: 'Kiri the Fairy Barmaid,'  and 'Tiger J. Jackson and the School for Weird Kids', again under given name of John Mould.
  •  illustration of six educational comics for Jera Books, featuring the heroine Amy Blade,  aimed at teaching English phonetically to slow readers.
  •  John has also produced covers for Orang Utan Comics and worked on a few pages of the BBC Books title, 'The Good Dalek.' He has also coloured several comics for speicialist publisher, Medikidz.
  • He has provide book designs for 7 of Felix Dodds books including the first for New World  Frontier